Media Meet 2020


The Study of Video Games by Poornima Seetharaman

The fourth workshop in the series conducted for students was hosted by Ms. Poornima Seetharaman who is a lead game designer at Zynga Games. She has also worked in some of the biggest gaming companies in India and has co-founded Pinaka Interactive and NammaLore Entertainment, a game designing studio and a game developing studio, respectively.

The different aspects of game designing like narrative techniques, psychological aspects that affect the player, the storytelling format were discussed. The host also touched upon how video games can be used as a tool for education before moving on to the emerging area of video game journalism and how it can be a lucrative career option for media students who are enthusiastic about gaming as well.

The audience’s questions about censorship in games and violence being linked to video game addiction were also answered in the session. This workshop provided a nuanced insight into what it takes to develop a video game and was beneficial for people who were enthusiastic about gaming and look at it as something more than mere entertainment.

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