Media Meet 2020


The Art of Podcasting by Karthik Nagarajan

The workshop was hosted by Mr. Karthik Nagarajan, an expert from the media industry. He is the host of The Filter Koffee Podcast, a weekly show on IVM Podcasts, where he indulges in a conversation with creators, activists, and business leaders who have inspired him. A cryptographer turned researcher, screen-writer, turned marketer, he is also currently the Chief Content Officer for Wavemaker, someone who has hands-on experience about this genre of modern-day communication.

Various aspects of the art of podcasting were discussed in this session. Some of them included finding subjects and generating ideas, harnessing the gems of our community, the gift of authentic conversation as well as creating a podcast that utilizes one's best skills and style. Apart from this, the basics such as using one's own voice, interviewing in podcasts as well as critical listening skills were spoken about. Thus, briefing the audience regarding the skills necessary for understanding the upcoming trending features of podcasting.

In other words, an enriching experience and overview of podcasting both as a profession as well as a hobby, right from scratch, thus enabling aspirants to harness and enhance their podcasting and general journalistic abilities.

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