Media Meet 2020


Media Literacy - Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity - Part 2 by B. Dayananda

As a part of Media Meet 2020, a workshop on cybersecurity was conducted on August 1, 2020, by B. Dayananda, the Additional Director General of Police, Economic Offences, Bangalore. This was the second in the series of workshops aimed at promoting media literacy among the parents. With a special focus on cybersecurity and cybercrimes, this workshop was aimed at educating parents and students on the various risks entailed with internet usage.

Various facets of the internet and its increasing role in perpetuating cyber crimes like phishing, cyberbullying, online sexual harassment, and so on were discussed during this workshop along with other topics like the dark web, ensuring privacy while downloading different apps were also highlighted.

Apart from various problems, the resource person also gave solutions to the questions raised by students and parents. This workshop helped the audience to be more cautious while navigating through the digital world and protecting their identities and privacy.

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