Media Meet 2020


Digital Marketing by Faisal Z. Anwer

The second workshop in the series for students as a part of Media Meet was hosted by Faisal Zia Anwer on August 7. The host is a digital marketing expert and the co-founder of e-commerce marketing agency Brandslane. Mr Anwer has worked with leading brands on their digital marketing campaign and helped grow their business.

The host discussed various ways entrepreneurs can market their products and services on various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even, Tik-Tok. The workshop focused on the technical aspects of targeting an audience and creating ads for a niche customer base on social media sites like Facebook. Apart from that, he also provided some insights on what kind of products can be advertised on different platforms. The key goal of this workshop was to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and encourage them to grow their small businesses through the use of digital advertising.

The workshop was interspersed with questions from the audience members who asked about the most suitable platform to create a website that sells products and how to increase the traction of their social media pages and earn from the same. Overall, it was an immense learning experience for anyone who wished to become an entrepreneur or take up digital marketing as a career.

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