Media Meet 2020


Cyber Crime and its Reportage by Manasi Paresh Kumar

The third workshop in the series for students as a part of Media Meet was held on August 8, 2020. Addressed by Ms Manasi Paresh Kumar, an eminent journalist who has a strong career of 13 years in the field. With all her prior experience in various investigative stories, she took the virtual forum on an interactive level and ensured the active participation of all the attendees.

The participants were media students, who are aspiring journalists. Various case studies were introduced to the participants, which helped them critically think along the lines of cybercrimes and their reportage. The workshop helped the young students decipher the nuances of reportage and investigation pertaining to the cybercrimes.

It was very relevant to the current pandemic situation as the world has lately been witnessing an unprecedented shift towards online spaces everywhere, a phenomenon predicted yet not at such a pace or in the midst of current circumstances.

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